Traditionally, missing teeth have been replaced using dental crowns, bridges, and partial or complete dentures. The invention of Dental Implants a few decades ago has significantly changed, even revolutionized, the entire vision and the capabilities of the restorative field in dentistry. Their design and placement technique now allows for permanent replacement of missing teeth without involving healthy natural teeth in the treatment.


At Clarence Rockland dentistry our Implant Dentist Rockland provides this service. Dental implants are very small titanium components resembling ordinary screws. These screws are surgically placed (“implanted”) into the jaw bone. Soon thereafter, the bone starts growing all around the implants, keeping them firmly in place like natural roots. After approximately 6 months of healing, the implants are ready to be restored with prosthetic teeth: dental crowns, bridges or dentures are simply screwed on.

If cared for properly, dental implants tend to significantly outperform traditional prosthetic restorations in terms of durability, appearance and functionality. They look like natural teeth, they function like natural teeth and they last as long as natural teeth! With continuous research and improvements, dental implants are deservedly becoming a treatment of choice for an increasing number of our patients.