The oral hygiene care program of dental Clarence Rockland can best be described as two-fold. Its first component is, of course, the treatment of any already existing problems. The second, equally important, is the on-going oral hygiene education and prevention program.


The first step is always a careful and detailed assessment of the patient’s overall level of oral health. Any existing issues are addressed first, but a long-term maintenance and prevention plan is introduced as well. Gum disease is often hard to detect and diagnose, especially by an untrained eye and without proper instruments. However, once diagnosed, periodontal disease can be treated and, more importantly, can be prevented.

Treatment of periodontal disease can range from more frequent visits with your dentist and/or dental hygienist, to medication or even periodontal surgery. Each patient is different and requires personalized solutions and care. Once the treatment is completed and all issues are resolved, the dental team will work with you on developing a preventative plan for the future. Usually, regular 3 months visits are scheduled where progress is carefully monitored and areas of weakness, if any, are identified. Eventually, visits may extend to intervals of 4 or 6 months. Help, information and encouragement are continuously provided throughout the entire process.