When the practice was first started as Laurier Dental with Dr. Moison and Dr. Lavergne, the area around Clarence-Rockland was different than it is today. As the town developed, so did we. Our Dental Clinic Clarence Rockland grew right along with the Rockland and we made it our commitment to be a positive member of our community.

For us, that started with what we were doing within the four walls of our practice. We felt that it was our obligation to bring the very best quality of care that we could to the areas around Ottawa. Just because we didn’t live in Ottawa didn’t mean that we shouldn’t have the same level of dental care available at dental Clarence Rockland . To us, part of being able to offer that same quality of care meant investing in continuing education for the team and investing in the equipment at our office.

Although dental practice Rockland responsibilities started within the four walls of our practice, they did not end there. We were deeply humbled by the support that we received from our community right from the very start. Since then, we have been committed to reciprocating with support of community teams, scholarships and events.

So if you are looking to turn back the clock and experience some small town service and hospitality without compromising on the big city quality of dental care, give us a call at 613-446-3368, send us an email at welcome@pacificadental.com or simply stop on by.